Gifts for a Home Bartender

Everyone appreciates gifts and people who enjoy entertaining are no exception. To show gratitude for a favorite host, consider some of these gifts for a home bartender that are sure to be a hit and enhance the next party.

Decorative glassware is always appreciated as are coasters, beverage napkins, and bar towels, especially when they reflect the personal interests of the home bartender. Look for themes depicting sports, dogs and cats, antique cars, and poker for starters.

Many people collect shot glasses and jiggers. Add to your host’s collection or help get one started.
One cocktail shaker and strainer is fine for small gatherings but more are needed to make merry at larger parties.
Salting trays with sponges are especially nice when drinks with salted or sugared rims, such as margaritas and daiquiris, are served to a crowd.

No bar is complete without a blender to reduce ice cubes into more drink-friendly sizes and to whip up frozen concoctions. Hand-held immersion blenders work nicely for slushy individual drinks made from fresh fruits, too.

Citrus juicers make a snap out of beverages calling for fresh juice and the freshly squeezed juices appeal to the more health-conscious drinkers at the party.

Hand tools are some of the most-often used gifts for a home bartender and they’re inexpensive and easy to find. Start with a couple of sharp paring or utility knives and pair them up with a nice cutting board or two.

Zesters and canelle (channel) knives make short work of some favorite garnishes and vegetable peelers will come in handy, too. Ice cream scoops take some of the mess out of making frozen drinks and a handful of rubber spatulas in various sizes will certainly be appreciated.

Long-handled bar spoons or swizzle sticks make it easy to mix up drinks in batches and there are many attractive pitcher/swizzle stick sets available everywhere. Smaller swizzle sticks make easy stirring of individual drinks.

Corkscrews come in many designs and styles. Some are traditional, some very functional, but others are not. Some are about as high-tech as anything. Having a variety on hand makes it easy for anyone to step in and open a fresh bottle of wine.

Ice buckets are ideal for chilling wine, champagne, and beer. They come in various sizes and can be placed throughout the party space to ease traffic at the bar.

Garnish trays put finishing touches at the home bartender’s fingertips. Two or more are ideal for the home bartender who throws big parties. Fill them all before guests arrive then retrieve them individually from the refrigerator as needed so no party time is spent prepping fruits and veggies.

Recipe books are always welcome as are subscriptions to magazines featuring beer, wine, and party foods. Books about the history of spirits, wine appreciation, or the beers of the world are fun, too.

Do-it-yourself types might enjoy a kit with tools and instructions for making their own wine or beer right at home.

There’s really no end to suitable gifts for a home bartender. Many items, such as coasters, napkins, and straws, need to be replaced often and even the most-careful bartender or guest breaks a glass now and then. Guests bearing gifts make a home bartender as happy as seeing a room full of happy guests.