Recommended Glass: Punch bowl
2 cups Rum
2 cups Gin
2 cups Vodka
2 cups Amaretto
1 cup Triple sec
2 cups Peach schnapps
1 cup Grenadine
1 gal Cranberry juice
1 can Grapefruit juice
2 cups Sloe gin
1 bottle Sprite
Instructions: This is the punch we serve at our annual Halloween party. We use a big, black, plastic cauldron to mix this punch in. You can use any LARGE vat to concoct this wonderful drink. Add all alcohols first, then add juices. Add the Sprite just before serving. If you want… do as we do, and drop in chunks of dry-ice to create a bubbling, smoking cauldron of pure Halloweeen evil! It’s safe to drink, and does not really change the taste all that much! YAHOO! GET DERAILED!

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